God's blessing spilling forth

What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi

What are you seeking?  Looking for answers to life’s big questions?  Trying to figure out the meaning or purpose of your life?    These are difficult questions to figure out on your own.  Church used to be a place where many would turn to for answers to these questions and to find meaning in life.  However, record numbers of people have walked away from church, and some have even turned away from God.  Others are committed to their religious upbringing but may not be finding the spiritual meaning and nourishment they crave. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, one who is religiously disillusioned, or an avid church member who hungers for more, I invite you to respond to God’s call to a deeper relationship by re-imagining and rediscovering who God is for you.  Can you imagine God as one who colors outside the lines?

What is your image of God?

In the process of getting a master’s degree in Theology and becoming a spiritual director, I rediscovered God.  My image of God transformed into a God who is the essence of love.  Our response to the outpouring of divine love is an invitation to love, and accept, and encourage all of God’s creatures in their everyday joys and struggles.  We are called by God to be concerned for those on the margins, and to do what we can to alleviate suffering and fight against oppression.  Too often, though, I have found church to present a vision of God who is judgmental and oppressive, exclusive and discouraging.  Such a harmful and hurtful image of God does not reflect the path that Jesus followed, nor his character, nor his view of the reign of God.

3 ways to re-imagine God

  • Imagine a God who showers you with love and blessings instead of thunderbolts of judgment.
  • Envision a God who waits for you with open arms, longing for you to return.
  • Rediscover a God who doesn’t mete out grace according to what you have done or failed to do, but rather gives grace away lavishly and without measure because that’s who God is.

The way we imagine God directly impacts the way we view our world.  If your image of God is a stern judge who waits for you to make a mistake, you will see the world as a harsh, unforgiving place. If your image of God is one who gives generously and  abundantly, you will see the world through a lens of abundance.  How do you view God?  What image comes to mind when you hear the word “God?”  God is searching for you, inviting you into the divine embrace and a deeper relationship.  Perhaps this kind of God is what you are looking for.  I invite you to continue the conversation in the comments!

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