• Do you crave the freedom to color outside the lines?
  • Do you desire a life that is spiritually fulfilling and soul-nourishing?
  • Are you seeking a closer, deeper and more authentic relationship with God?
  • Are you disillusioned with your experience of institutionalized religion?
  • Would you like to express yourself more creatively or create more spiritually?

GOD COLORS OUTSIDE THE LINES is a six-week self-paced online course that explores a variety of new ways to fill that God-shaped hole and create a deep, authentic relationship with God, one that is jam-packed with freedom and joy!

How will you satisfy your spiritual hunger?

  • Your way may be to dive deep and uncover rich spiritual nourishment found in ancient prayer practices developed in the medieval ages that remain fresh and compelling even today.
  • Your way may be a return to God by another path. Your path of return may be very different than what you grew up with; it may be a path without all the trappings of the institution you left behind.
  • Or your way may be an exploration of an encounter with God through a different doorway – one that involves creative expression and artistic journaling that will help you listen to your inner wisdom.

God yearns for your return – like the prodigal father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, who longed for his son’s return – God is watching the horizon, hoping and waiting, and then seeing you in the distance, God runs out to embrace you, welcoming you home.

In this course you will enter a spiritual journey of exploration and discovery to uncover:

  • new ways to imagine God’s presence in your life,
  • new tools to foster communication with God, and
  • new techniques to express yourself creatively as a way to encounter God.



Teacher and course creator Mary Coffey is a self-taught artist who enjoys playing with all things colorful. She is a certified spiritual director, has a Master’s Degree in Theology and a Law Degree. Passionate about helping people who are disillusioned by institutionalized religions, Mary is opening ways to find new, authentic paths back to a relationship with God.


“As a result of this class, I believe that my spirituality and love for God increased thoroughly. Each new topic learned in class helped to mold myself and become more of a loving and caring person.”

“Mary is a great instructor. Her strengths were being able to connect with us and help us understand the material.” 


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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded

What You Get

  • Six weeks of videos with teachings, prayer practices and art demos
  • Six weekly reflection prompts to guide your journaling reflections
  • Private Facebook group to foster community
  • Lifetime access to all teaching and materials

I am available by email to answer questions and provide feedback in a private Facebook group for six weeks following the course launch.  I will check into the Facebook group regularly after the six week period ends to see how you are doing.  This course can be completed at your own pace.  

Course Description

Week One

  1.    Teaching: Who is God?
  2.    Prayer: Lectio Divina
  3.    Art Project: Drawing Figures
  4.    Reflection: Who is God for you? What is your image of God?

Week Two

  1.    Teaching:  Who are you? What is your True Self?
  2.    Prayer Meditation: Gospel Contemplation
  3.    Art Project: Masking/Stenciling
  4.    Reflection: Who is God calling you to become?

Week Three

  1.    Teaching:  Finding God in all things
  2.    Prayer: Examen
  3.    Art Project: Expressionistic Landscape Painting
  4.    Reflection: Where do you meet God?

Week Four

  1.   Teaching:  Experiencing God
  2.   Prayer: Contemplation and Centering Prayer
  3.   Art Project: Negative Space/Positive Space
  4.   Reflection: What “Disordered Attachments” do you need to detach from?

Week Five

  1.   Teaching:  Hearing from God
  2.   Prayer: Visio Divina
  3.   Art Project: Text as Art
  4.   Reflection: Words of Affirmation

Week Six

  1.    Teaching:  Moving Toward Wholeness/Integration
  2.    Prayer: Merton’s Prayer of Abandonment
  3.    Art Project: Collage
  4.    Reflection: Where to now? Continuing the Journey

A list of suggested art supplies and optional reading will be sent upon registration.


Registration Now Open


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded